Panasonic: The Godfather of Bread Makers

Panasonic have long been paving the way for us to have fresh bread at our fingertips and it is hard to find many faults with their bread maker range. The SD253 is a big favourite of both reviewers and users and the development of the SD255 saw an even better replacement for those who hadn’t […]


Lodge Pro-Logic P14W3 Cast Iron Wok Review

A wok is absolutely essential for cooking stir-fry dishes, rice dishes, and so much more. Choosing a wok is an important decision that can affect the quality of the food and the ease-of-use of the wok itself. The Lodge Pro-Logic P14W3 Cast Iron Wok is a high quality cast-iron wok from Lodge Pro-Logic that has […]


Healthy and Cheap Microwave Popcorn Recipe

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Even the thought of popcorn is sure to conjure up plenty of fond memories—freshly popped popcorn at the carnival or fair, surrounded by shrieks of delight and the smells that only a carnival can bring; hot buttery popcorn between your fingers while you wait for a movie to start and wonder […]


Integrated Dishwashers at IKEA

Are you interested in integrated dishwashers? Have you heard of integrated dishwashers? If you have yet to hear of them, it is a quick rundown: Integrated dishwashers, like other integrated appliances, are appliances which are integrated or built into the kitchen, in contrast to traditional freestanding appliances which can be moved around more readily. Integrated […]


3 Surprising Foods You Can Make in a Microwave

A microwave isn’t just for reheating leftovers or cooking the occasional baked potato. Did you know that you can actually make entire meals—yes, entire meals!—in your microwave? Appetizer, entrée and dessert? It’s true! Today, most people typically use their microwave for those cooking tasks that they want done quickly… like reheating last night’s dinner or […]